The California Condor has been noted as the largest bird of North America. Its body is primarily black and white. With its wingspan of about nine feet (2.7m), it can fly to near 15,000 feet (4572 m). After six years of age, they typically breed every other year and lay only one egg. They establish long term pairing with their mate. Due to human induced causes, they have become one of the rarest birds in the world. By the early 1980s, there were about 22 condors left.

Reference 05/22/2000:

We chose the condor to represent the analysis side of Analysis N' Design. We strive to understand well your business requirements. We work to gain the birds eye view. The many data elements and business rules unfold like a rainbow of colors. With attention to detail, we seek to transform that rainbow into black and white, like the wings of the bird that soars through the sky. As the condor relies upon that one egg for its survival, we know that your company or your department needs to rely on straight forward, unambiguous reports for its very existence. We would like to help you.


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